101 in 1001


  1. Read the Bible in a year.
  2. Make a custom recipe book with all my favorite recipes.
  3. Create a photo book of our first years of marriage.
  4. Have professional pictures taken of our little family.
  5. Print a canvas from those pictures.
  6. Learn to drive a stick shift WELL.
  7. Go to the Jazz Festival in Chicago.
  8. Go see a play on Broadway again.
  9. Visit Chicago again.
  10. Buy bikes for us.
  11. Visit New York (Warwick!)
  12. Go to the Smithsonian.
  13. Paint the kitchen.
  14. Make a Artist Profile (Make, Do, Simplify) series for the blog.
  15. Be more of a minimalist.
  16. Learn to be at least mildly conversational in Korean.
  17. Visit Korea.
  18. Maybe put a bun in the oven ;)…or not…we will see…
  19. Buy Daryl a new guitar.
  20. Pay off all our debt.
  21. Write more love notes.
  22. Bake a pie from absolute scratch.
  23. Go VEGAN (or at least plant-based!)
  24. Share the good news with as many people as possible.
  25. Plant a spring and fall garden.
  26. Convert Daryl to vegetarian ;). (Don’t tell him!)
  27. Organize our house to a crazy degree.
  28. Simplify my wardrobe.
  29. Share my craft projects via our blog!
  30. Make time to go outside and just be.
  31. Get off social media!
  32. Insititue a gouter like the French do! Tea and all!
  33. Start Composting.
  34. Do a self-portrait series.
  35. Go strawberry picking
  36. Maybe buy a house?
  37. One month of not eating out!
  38. Start an easy shop? Or online store!
  39. Wear a size 8 again
  40. Get a kitten!
  41. Take a ride on a train.
  42. Visit our friends in Vegas and Kansas.
  43. Scan childhood photos of our parents and us.
  44. Go hiking more.
  45. Read two classic novels.
  46. Watch 3 classic movies.
  47. Stick to pilates for 12 months straight!
  48. Stay in a b&b for a date night.
  49. Make homemade pasta.
  50. Go to another ballet.
  51. Learn to braid.
  52. Start a bullet journal.
  53. Use my planner for all things organization!
  54. Do a Spending Fast.
  55. Get a massage at a swanky spa!
  56. Memorize 30 favorite scriptures.
  57. Attend a taping of our favorite late night shows.
  58. Buy only quality clothes/shoes.
  59. Write in my journals to friends every chance I get!
  60. Get a sticking file cabinet! You know you need one!
  61. Figure out what’s next job wise!
  62. Design a new blog/website.
  63. Visit Nashville
  64. Get new pots and pans!
  65. Read one book a month and document favorites.
  66. Blog more regularly.
  67. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  68. Visit Ireland!
  69. Make a success of my little booth.
  70. Make a new 101 in 1001 list!


Start date: January 1st 2017.

End date: September 29th 2019.

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August 11, 2011 - 6:54 am

Check and Mark: #83 » H + D Photography - […] 101 in 1001 […]

October 21, 2011 - 6:12 pm
January 2, 2012 - 7:16 pm
October 29, 2014 - 4:45 am

Grandma KaRen - You guys are true love and best friends !

Love you both so very much !!!!!!!!

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