Parker | One

Parker has rocked her parents world from the minute she arrived! She is so sassy for only a year old but I can’t get enough!

I mean really – look at her! Don’t you just wanna eat her up?!


Those two bottom teeth are KILLING you aren’t they?!


Parker was guaranteed to be beautiful – I mean look at her mama! Jillian is just effortlessly beautiful…



These two are my favorites from the day! I wanted so bad for her to just take off walking for us! :) And of course, everyone loves a good closeup of perfection ;)


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Mandie + Louie | 10 Years!

Mandie + Louie have been married for a decade y’all! 10 years! I can’t even tell you how much we love these two!


We spent an evening roaming around their neighborhood in Atlanta to find some cute spots and chasing light to capture the two of them!


I think this one might be my fave… Stop being so handsome Louie – it’s embarrassing!


Gahhh…so cute!


Mandie loves Louie with an intensity that not every marriage gets to experience. She loves him to pieces and is such a great example of how to be an excellent wife…


I had to include a laughing shot because honestly. This is so them…


We went to the rooftop of their building to end the session with wine (mostly for me!) and the sunset (mostly for photos!)!


We had so much fun doing this shoot for them and can’t wait until the next time we get to visit the beautiful city and these precious friends!

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Vanessa + Johnny | Engaged

Vanessa and Johnny are getting married in just a few weeks and we were so excited to run all over downtown Augusta with them!

PikeEng_161PikeEng_051They wanted to capture a few of their favorite date spots downtown so we had to hit up Farmhaus of course! :)


Just a little sass for your friday! :)

PikeEng_135PikeEng_159Just wanted to share a few before we head out to enjoy the weekend! Can’t wait till the big day is here! :)

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Anna Kate | 6 Months

This blue eyed beauty is 6 months now! She’s already had her fair share of photos shoots since she came into the world! :)


AK was not too happy to be posing for photos at first, but after a little warm up she was just fine! :)


Those baby fat thighs were killing me! When else can you show off those rolls in life?!


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March at The Saturday Market

Spring is here and we are so excited to share what’s been going on over at our little booth at The Saturday Market in Thomson, GA! 

You can follow us on Instagram at @handdcreative for the latest updates!


We have restocked the space with new vinyl signs on wood that are just the cutest! Some are song lyrics by some of our favorites but others are made from reclaimed antique drawers! Custom signs are available too!

My dad bought an old broken dresser for me to use the beautiful wood to make signs! He’s so clever that one! I probably would have passed them by! But that’s all it takes, is for someone to see the potential!


We have a few art prints for sale in the booth too! (They are only $3!)


We do have some true antiques, like this perfect little side table, floating around the booth too!


I love these little Avon bottles that previously had  perfume/aftershave in them! How cute are they –  from a punch bug to the capital – we have plenty out there!


If you’re a reader, our booth has got a great selection of new reads and some old favorites too! (In the store are a ton of other books for sale too! Make sure you check all the spaces for them!)


Thanks so much for hanging out with us and checking out this month at The Saturday Market! 

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